Thursday, April 26, 2012

Hits for "Ethan Bradford" on the web which are or aren't me.

You can find out a lot about somebody who's involved in the web, or just life, by Googling them, but nowadays, with "Ethan" suddenly becoming a popular name among the young, not all the hits are actually me. If you want to Google me and filter the results, here are some of the hits that are me:
  • Anything from ethanb@* or * or
  • Lists of Physics and Astronomy students at U. Washington.
  • -- my PhD work, published in the Astrophyscal Journal
  • -- I made a submission to "Says You". They used my list of "false compounds" (like "band-aging", "surf-ace") twice, but with a bit of abuse each time!
  • All Emacs contributions (as far as I know).
  • -- and other stuff about reorganizing and them moderating (for a while) news.newusers.questions.
  • -- on the PTSA (aka PTA) board for Hamilton middle school.
  • Aspell Arabic and Turkish.  Mostly on
  • Anything associated with curling.
Here are some hits which aren't me:
  • -- One of the next generation of Ethan Bradford's
  • A character in the book "Murder at a Vineyard Mansion : A Martha's Vineyard Mystery", by Philip R. Craig. I read it out of curiousity. "Ethan Bradford" is a kind of whacky recluse.
  • -- A fictional (I hope) dead guy in Jason Roth's random musings.
  • A very nice fellow (my age) in Anchorage, AK.  We have an amusing story of being confused once.

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